April 30, 2009

Blood drive yields two new donors

Blood drive yields two new donors
The semi-annual, occasionally tri-annual, United Blood Service blood drive, coordinated by the McClusky Lions Club yielded two new donors and 18 successful donations.
There were 16 whole blood donations and two double red cell donations, which count as two. There were three deferrals and 21 donors present. There were no shorts or aborts.
The Lions served a choice of cookies and sugared soda for donors. Dave Martwick is the chairman of the blood drive for the Lions group.
This spring’s drive was held on April 15 and donors could also stop next door in McClusky City Hall and enjoy more refreshments at the City Government Week event in the City Council chambers that was held from 3 to 5 p.m.
Leah Finck, Donor Recruitment Representative for UBS, noted that there are often questions on how much blood is needed. Those needs are: auto accident, up to 50 pints; hip replacement, 2-5 pints; liver transplant, up to 100 pints; cancer treatment, 8 pints per week; bypass surgery, 4-10 pints, and other organ transplants, up to 10 pints.
Anyone who would like to donate and needs the location or place of the next blood drive in their area may call 701-258-4512 to receive assistance and information.

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