January 28, 2015

Board interviews prospective superintendent


The McClusky School Board met January 21 at a special meeting to interview a man for the school superintendent position.

While prospective employee Gerald (Jerry) Erdahl was given a tour of the schools by Principal Dan Klemisch, the board members prepared a list of questions to ask Erdahl.

When Erdahl took his seat, the board members introduced themselves and Board President Brian Larson asked Erdahl to tell the board about himself.

Erdahl said he has been in Wyoming for 20 years. He has a daughter in eastern Montana, a son in Trenton, ND and two sons attending college in Ellendale, ND.

He said his wife currently works as a housekeeper at a dude ranch and also works at a convenience store. They have been married 27 years.

Erdahl admitted he was a Montana native and he smiled as said he hoped the board wouldn’t hold it against him. His mother is a Flaxton, ND native.

Erdahl said he wants to be closer to his children, and he will stay "as long as you will have us." He stated that the average life expectancy of a superintendent of a school is three years but then said "I don’t do that."

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