December 30, 2014

Buck and doe winners named

Information contributed by

Tina Majors

On December 12, the McClusky Sportsman’s Club held their annual "Buck & Doe" contest.

Judges Darrell Bertsch and Shari Roth carefully measured and calculated up the impressive tines of several nice bucks.

The first place winner with a score of 168 1/4 went to Jacob Strobel, son of Heidi and Terry Strobel of McClusky. Tina Majors adds, "This buck just happened to be Jacob’s first and was harvested on his youth tag. Surely, it will be a buck full of proud memories for the young hunter. The club cherishes moments like this, where the wonderful tradition of hunting is passed on to the next generation."

Second place buck went to Kevin Axt with a score of 156 1/8, and third place was claimed by Jolene Haux and scored at 128 1/4.

Only two does were weighed in and first place went to Caryn Jorgensen at 100 pounds; second place to Lee Jorgensen at 90 pounds.

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