August 18, 2008

Bus drivers meet to discuss routes

Bob Houser, Roger Olson and Arlington Helm, McClusky School District full time bus drivers, met with the McClusky School District Board members of the transportation committee, Brian Larson and Stacy Sease, to discuss the routes and other issues for the upcoming school year. The routes, two of which start at 20 to 7 in the morning, the other at 10 to 7, travel on three routes to pick up children from near Denhoff, Lincoln Valley, northern and southern parts of Sheridan County and the Pickardville area. With the reduced attendance, student pickup is often sparse and several students do not ride regularly, either not riding in the morning or the afternoon, depending upon school activity conflicts. Students who transfer from out of another school district also request transportation and reasonable accommodations. The bus drivers make every effort to pick up students, adding that parents meeting the bus at extreme locations, “doesn’t work well.” Additional substitute drivers are needed for games and other school trips; it requires a CDL (commercial driver’s license).

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