March 18, 2010

Can you smell the coffee yet?

Can you smell the coffee yet?
Groceries promised for March 30
With opening dates set and discarded for various unplanned adjustments that come with opening a business, Holen’s Super Valu is in gear to open March 30.
The busy owners, Scott and Diane, have been putting in seemingly endless hours in cleaning, repairing, painting, counting, designing and stocking their store. Other family members have lent moral and other support, as well as pitched in to do the many tasks requiring extra hands-on help.
Donna Houser is also busy helping to set up the area where she will help with the baking. She has cleaned and completed some of the display items of antiques that will be placed around the store for ambiance.
New doors in back allowed for the passage of over-sized coolers that now line the south and southwest corners of the store, along with more display cases on the northwest edge for meat and packaged deli-items. Tiles have been ripped up, replaced, and await the final coat of wax after all the shelves are in place and traffic has cleared for the time being.
New paint, a window opening that lets in light from the south; a Coca Cola machine for display only; a hand-crank coffee grinder that is seeking a spot of glory somewhere, await the future customers. There are rows and shelves of old bottles and jars and canisters join them, labeled with logos long unused and replaced with modern designs, with some simply memories of days gone by. It is a friendly handshake from the past to the new future for the sorely needed grocery service for the community.

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