August 11, 2011

CANDISC rolls in and on

CANDISC rolls in and on
CANDISC visited McClusky again, an enjoyable experience for both bikers and the community. The first biker rolled into town in early morning and was reported jogging later in the day. Other riders came in at various intervals, stopping along the way at Turtle Lake and Mercer rest stops, or to simply enjoy the scenery on this “Pioneer” tour of central North Dakota.
The McClusky official greeters for the August 7 event were city officials Roberta Hunt, Theresa Jorgenson and Andrea Kluck. Hunt and her husband, Roger, borrowed a golf cart from O.D. Rhoads and hustled luggage and riders around to various points in town.
A limousine, drive by Mike Axt, chauffeured bikers to Hoffer Lake and McClusky Lions-sponsored and operated pontoon rides. The windy day made the half hour trip to the canal and Highway 200 juncture a thrilling experience.
Fred and Wilma, the two mules so familiar to many in the community, were driven by owner Armin Heinle and Jim Crimmins provided many CANDISC riders with their first-ever experience on a mule ride. The rides started and ended at the south end of the McClusky Park.

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