December 13, 2017

Caring enough to send your best

The days seem long since the McClusky Senior Center members have seen their friends Marvin and Mildred Kissee.
The letters and emails from them indicated they missed their home community a great deal. Helen Hollenbeck took the opportunity to use her talents to help solve the homesick feelings of her good friends.
The card design is her own, as are many of the others she has made over the years. The members of the Senior Center are pictured around the greeting and printed on Helen’s Printmaster.
Mildred already had received a birthday card from Helen, one she called “better than Hallmark.” Now she will have another memory-filled, made by hand, gift from home.
Hollenbeck uses her own photos but designs on her program. She has been doing this since she joined the Senior Center in “about” 2003.

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