January 22, 2014

Cell tower coming to Sheridan County


Sheridan County Commission-ers met on Jan 14 for the purpose of discussing a conditional use permit for building a proposed cell tower within the county. The application was filed by John Throckmorton of Municipal Shale, LLC in Atlanta, GA.

The proposed location for the cell tower is in the SW1/4 of Section 1, Township 146N Range 77. According to the permit application, the property is described as "an open plot of agricultural land .33 miles north of the intersection of 4th St and 5th Ave. The tower site is east of 5th Ave." It is noted that the primary use of the land will remain agricultural.

The application stated the purpose is for the "construction of a 400’ wireless guy tower within a fenced 70’x70’ compound." It is also noted that this site "will significantly improve voice and data coverage for the surrounding area."

Construction of the tower site is expected to take place over a three week period. First, the foundation will be drilled and poured, followed by a curing period (time frame was not indicated). Then the tower itself will be constructed.

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