November 24, 2020

Cemetery closes, bill issues resolved

Park board members at the November meeting included Rhonda Meckle, board president, Larry Gessner and Kristee Tanner. Tanner raised an issue she had brought from the community on bill payments made without council approval. After discussion, a motion by Gessner passed to approve payment of regular, routine bills if a meeting is not held. This is not to include payment on any outstanding special contracts or non-routine bills. This is good for only one missed meeting and needs to be reviewed at the next meeting
of the board. Tanner’s concern was that the contract work had not been completed as of the meeting on Tuesday but payment on the contract was paid in full. She said this was
not how the contract was agreed to when approved by the board. Three stump bonus carvings for the work in the park were a gift from Todd Hicks and not included in the contract.
Tammy Nordquist and Jerry Reiswig appeared at the meeting to address cemetery maintenance and record issues. Nordquist stated the fundraiser for the cemetery regraveling
had raised $865 net in a two-week period. The gravel estimate is believed to be $1,500 from A and G trucking. Tanner will check with Clayne to affirm the amount. Four cemetery lots were sold recently.

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