January 16, 2019

Cemetery groundskeeper: best job she ever had

Tammy Nordquist put her life skills and enthusiasm for doing a job well together when she took the job as groundskeeper for the McClusky Cemetery. Here, she said, she had found the “Best job I ever had.”
The job includes many hours of mowing in the grass-growing season, for which she drives a hydrostatic mower. Her helper, Cameron Touchette, does tight corners and hard to reach areas with a push mower and they both pick stray plants by hand. “It isn’t worth the time using a weed-eater,” added Nordquist.
Touchette has been her assistant for three years. Nordquist has been at her job since 1998. That work became hers due to several circumstances. Her husband Jim had been injured during calving season, when a cow trampled him, busting up his shoulder and arm. When the work and medical bills became an issue, Jim said, “One of us needs to get a job.”

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