July 30, 2009

Centennial Fashion Revue huge success!

Centennial Fashion Revue huge success!
The County Centennial celebration on July 17, 18, and 19, included a Fashion Revue on Saturday afternoon in the McClusky High School auditorium. The event was coordinated and presented by Bev Zingg, Donna Jo Lipp and Mabel Tkach.
The event was free and open to the public and included beverages and cookies. There was also a display of wedding items and a table of hats from the past.
The following is a list of the model, item and style, and owner, as received from Zingg, more or less in the order they came down the runway.
The models walked through the tables of spectators to allow a closer inspection of dress and material details.
Elsie Reiswig, shawl from 1908, Reiswig; Kimmie Tkach, 1920’s dress, Murray; Megan Presser, light blue dress, Holen; Kay Reiser, 1930 coat; Esther Ziegler, navy blue dress, Hunt; Donna Murray, dressy dress, Murray; Mabel Tkach, little black dress, Hunt; Megan Sparrow, 1940 two-piece suit, Sparrow; Katie Erdmann, black top with taffeta skirt dress, Erdmann; Mabel Tkach, pink crochet dress; Marita Rau, blue wool suit, Rau; Megan Sparrow, black and white jacket and dress, Sparrow; Sharry Tweeten, 1940 casual dress, Sparrow;
Mabel Tkach, black suit jacket with see-through blouse, Zingg; Megan Presser, 1950 prom dress, Mayola Holen; Kim Tkach, black and white polka dot dress, Kissee; Sharry Tweeten, pleated 1950’s dress, Holen; Kendra Mauch, navy print dress, Erdmann; Andrea Kluck, 1950 casual dress, Sparrow; Judy Presser, poodle skirt and cancan, Zingg; Marita Rau, dark rose dress, Rau; Summer Dieterle, dark blue dress, Holen; Kimmie Tkach, light green print dress, Hunt; Megan Presser, yellow dress and yellow cancan, Zingg; Kimmie Tkach, pink Harco original dress, Hunt; Caylee Touchette, All-American shirt dress, Erdmann; Deb Sparrow, turquoise suit, Sparrow; Judy Presser, Jackie Kennedy dress, Murray; Elsie Reiswig, mother’s dress; Donna Murray, hippy shirt; Deb Sparrow and grandchildren, robes and underwear, Sparrow; Summer Dieterle, bicentennial dress, Phyllis Dieterle; Kay Reiser, Grandmothers’ 40th anniversary dress; Brenda Hertz, long floral print dress, Erdmann; Vickie Erdmann, bicentennial dress, Erdmann; Kimmie Tkach, soft flowing dress, lace trim, Hunt; Joyce Dockter, polyester pant suit, Holen; Megan Presser, short red dress with gold buttons, Holen; Summer Dieterle, black and white tweed dress, Holen; Megan Presser, long dress with vest look, Holen; Donna Murray, Hawaiian dress, Donna Murray; Marita Rau, great-grandmother’s wedding dress, Rau; Summer Dieterle, Grandmother Alphild Dieterle’s wedding dress;

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