March 4, 2020

Champion for kids playing chess



Doris Fischer, retired elementary teacher from McClusky, has her name on a list of men. These fellow recipients have their own stories, but likely none compare to the one Fischer tells. She was added to the list, which currently contains 16 names and dates, in 1995.

But, the story starts in 1984 when a Weekly Reader issue had a story on chess winners going to Japan. Students came to her and asked, “Miss Fischer, do you play chess?” She answered that she did and had a book on the game. “Will you bring it?” they asked. And she did.

The class of chess players were not formed from just those she taught in one grade, but from across the entire school. The ones who learned chess first played the first practice game with a beginner, showing them the basic chess moves. Then they could go play with those in their own skill set.

I never played with the kids, so I can honestly say that not one of them ever beat me in chess,” Fischer smiled at her own joke.

I was only beaten by my brothers. My brother Myron was two years older and made up the rules as we went.

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