October 9, 2013

Changes are coming to healthcare


Sadie Wardner, Out-reach and Enrollment Coordinator for North-land Community Health Center in Turtle Lake, presented information to the Turtle Lake community on Sept 24 regarding upcoming healthcare changes. She also presented to the McClusky community, on Monday, Sept 23.

Her goal "is to give accurate information about the changes that are going to happen with health coverage next year."

She feels people are very disconnected from the truth; stating that recent information in the media has been very negative and very opinionated.

According to Wardner, the slang term for the coverage is called "Obamacare," but stated it is actually called the Affordable Care Act and the Patient Protection Act.

The Affordable Care and Pa-tient Protection Act changes are going to start taking place in October.

According to Wardner, the reason for this Act is to protect consumers when they become patients; to make sure health insurance companies are in check and to make sure that we are getting the proper care as patients. This Act is for the purpose of providing coverage to low and middle class families.

Stated Wardner, "When you have health coverage, it promotes good health.


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