April 15, 2020

Chickens in city ordinance change loses, petition sought

It wasn’t business as usual, but, as usual, interesting business. A chickens within city limits ordinance removal request was brought to the April 7 meeting by Frank Teumer.
His request basis for the chicken/fowl ordinance removal was “due to the stresses of COVID-19” and the change that has brought to small communities. He stated the many restrictions including travel, work, food supplies, would be an opportunity for people to raise birds for eggs or to freeze for food. He also mentioned that it might be a good lesson for children to learn responsibility and self-discipline in caring for and cleaning up after a pet that is not only a pet but helps feed the family. He also mentioned the fowl
droppings could be used in the garden. He suggested the only requirements be that the chickens be kept in the back yard, in a cage, and their food in a sealed container. City council members could do visual inspections once or twice a year. No type or number of fowl was mentioned, left up to the property owner. He said that due to the emergency of
this time in our state and country, we could be an example for other towns to follow. A more normal way of living could be returned to later on and more restrictions added.
No motion was made in order to consider the request further.

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