December 22, 2011

Christmas party at Sheridan Memorial Home

Christmas party at  Sheridan Memorial Home
Sheridan Memorial Home held its Christmas party program on Friday afternoon, Dec. 16. About 35 visitors came for the program.
Delores Helm, activity director, welcomed everyone to the program. Sylvia Grosz of Mercer Baptist Church was at the piano.
Margaret Buchmann, Grace Lutheran Church, read from the Bible about the Christmas story; and the residents and visitors sang “Jesus Loves Me.”
Emma Boehm, St. John’s Lutheran Church, read in German from the German Bible and Lloyd Lauer and LeRoy Lauer sang a duet with Mildred Kissee at the piano.
Another reading was given by Sylvia Grosz; and Marilyn Saueressig sang a solo with Wayne Houston’s piano accompaniment. Pastor Rhodes, United Methodist Church, read the poem “Christmas Bell.”

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