December 6, 2012

Christmas season starts, more to arrive

Christmas season starts, more to arrive
The regular holiday events are starting to occur, with more to arrive before the official day to celebrate Christmas on Dec. 25.
Grace Lutheran WELCA held their bazaar and luncheon with a packed house lined up to eat the homemade soups, sandwiches and desserts.
Lefse sold out early, leaving sad faces on those who dared show up later than an hour after the start. To soothe their taste buds, there were cookie varieties, candy and other goodies still available.
Craft items and handmade quilts were also available.
At the Elementary School lunchroom, the Holiday Craft and Bake Sale drew a good crowd also, with a different atmosphere for shopping and interesting home crafts as well. The Tripp family was at the front end of the line of booths, just across from Jenelle Olson’s huge display of Tupperware.
They were busy explaining their homemade crafts and next to sisters Pearl Meckle and Gladys Botz, who each had their specialties available. Meckle sold embroidered dish towels, as nice on the back side of the towel as the front, a sign of quality work. Botz had a variety of crocheted and knitted items, with loopy scarves enticing customers shopping for Christmas.
Up the north wall edge 

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