September 10, 2014

City bid specs don't match


With two members absent, the septic tank/lift station discourse went undecided at the September 8 meeting of the McClusky City Council.

Bids were received to address the sewer line issue in east McClusky with Willis Meckle addressing the original bid specs. The other bid, with the bidder present, resulted in a discussion that the double septic tank was not the way to go, albeit the cheaper of the two bids. Meckle’s bid was $4,920 for the 1250 gallon septic tank, pumping chamber and pump, plus labor and excavating.

Lynn Meserole of Above and Beyond Plumbing submitted a bid for installation of a lift station that he explained would better meet the needs of the city and be cheaper in the long run. His bid did not include any electrical work, citing a qualified electrician would need to do that.

Meserole explained his offer and the council decided to give Meckle a chance to rebid on the new suggestion, as that seems the better way to go. It is essentially a small lift station with insulated pipe that would fit into the larger sewer pipe. Sludge would be ground before entering the small pipe and the grinder can handle most flushable solid waste, added Meserole. His bid amount was not revealed as the item has changed.

Meckle will be given an opportunity to present a bid with the new specifications and another meeting will be held to decide the issue, possibly before October so that the work will be done before freeze up.

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