April 29, 2015

City council hires new engineering firm


A representative of Moore Engineering appeared before the city council to show "What we can do for you and what we have done for others."

Minot Branch Manager Brock Storrusten, accompanied by co-workers Caroline Bohn and David Wicker, outlined what Moore Engineering could do for the City of McClusky.

Storrusten said his firm could "bring up issues the city may not be aware of" and "bring up things you haven’t thought of." He said Moore Engineering has a 24-hour rule – they will get back to the city within 24 hours of receiving a call.

The city’s previous engineering firm, Wold Engineering, has not been responding to city phone calls.

Moore Engineering would help the city write a comprehensive plan, something which is required by the ND Century Code.

Storrusten said his firm was experienced with infrastructure funding, including grant writing.

He recommended the city establish a land use plan to give a vision of the city’s future to the residents. "If you don’t grow, you slowly die," he said.

He also noted that when small towns begin to die, home values fall, houses aren’t kept up, often resulting in increased drug use and a higher crime rate.

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