July 15, 2015

City Council meeting long and contentious


The McClusky City Council had its ups and downs at its July 13 regular monthly meeting.

Good news grew mostly on trees, with Mayor Roberta Hunt announcing the City of McClusky was on its way to becoming a Tree City and would also receive a $1,500 grant for the replanting of trees, not elm, in the town.

The council members also voted to have the ND Forest Service Tree Inventory done for the city.

New Bismarck Tribune tubes were approved for the delivery of the newspaper. The tubes will be on the boulevards and snow accumulation issues will be the responsibility of the homeowner.

The McClusky Community Center main room will be locked. At issue was the removal (theft) of several of the tables used for public gatherings. Anyone with any information as to the tables can call Sheriff Trent Naser at 363-2200.

Naser also reported that there were only minor issues during the Midsummer Fest event. He noted that while law enforcement staff was at a Martin structure fire, a couple of fights broke out.

Four wheeler drivers/ operators will have to mind the laws regulating their use or tickets are likely. Naser noted that those under 18 years of age must wear helmets to operate them, be a licensed driver and carry liability insurance. The vehicles must also be licensed. They may not be used to pull other equipment. Check with Naser for the exact requirements for usage and remember to stop for stop signs and obey speed limits as well as quiet operation along city streets.

The portion of Highway 200 is considered a city street within city limits and city ordinances are in effect except for truck parking restrictions along the highway according to Naser.

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