September 11, 2008

City decides paving issue

The McClusky City Council members voted, 3-0, at their regular monthly meeting on Sept 8, to pursue paving “alligator” and installation and repair spots if they can meet the requested 3,000 square feet minimum for Keller Paving of Minot. The motion, by Councilman DuWayne (Fritz) Hirschkorn, included trying to negotiate with Keller if the amount of repair did not meet the minimum. If some of the repairs are not done, the state will “bill us” said Mayor Theresa Jorgenson. The repairs include two spots by “Flynn’s”, one by Ms. J’s Drive In, and another by Bentz Supply and the C-Store. All have involved settling of the underlayment after street repairs were done. The policing contract issue, after discussion, was moved to increase to $20,800 on the salary, with requests of policing needs in writing in the contract. The motion passed, 2-1.

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