April 21, 2011

City hears clean up details, abatement

City hears clean up details, abatement
Clean-up week, usually set for early May, might prove to be a challenge this year, with the late snows. If all goes well, May 2-6 will be the week set aside for special handling and pickup of unneeded and waste items.
Appliances that are discarded will be assessed a $10 charge. City Maintenance Steve Murray stated that there is a charge by tonnage when he hauls the appliances, usually about 29 at a time; 20 on the “tonner,” to Bismarck or Minot. He estimated it is usually three or four tons of weight on the load. There is also the cost for gas, he added.
Murray also noted at the regular monthly, April 11, Monday night meeting, that there are sometimes items dumped without the fee being paid and he doesn’t know who has done it.
The question of keys and accessibility revealed that keys are often given to the customer and there may be more keys in the community than the six that are authorized. The council moved to have a new lock and only six keys made for better control of the access to the dump.
A short police report in writing from Sheriff Trent Naser noted that things were pretty much normal in March. A new deputy, Daniel Reich, has been hired and is scheduled to start work on April 18.

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