January 15, 2014

Clinic and customers enjoy open house


The McClusky veterinary service, Sheridan Animal Hospital, put on an open house for its customers on Dec 20th from 2 to 5, for customers to enjoy treats and refreshments with the animal clinic staff. On hand were veterinarians Gerald Kitto and Nadine Tedford, vet technician Theresa Naser and office secretary and receptionist Andrea Deseth.

Business continued as usual, as it does for most small rural businesses, even for their celebrations, the hardworking staff of the McClusky location, as well as the Harvey branch, kept up with bill paying and services to animals as they enjoyed the company of the customers who gathered for some socialization.

Sheridan Animal Hospital has been in its location in McClusky since the clinic was built in 1994. The facility has since added outside pens and interior handling equipment as much is done for the equine population around the area, and across the state as well. The facility is convenient in its south McClusky site and is accessible for customers, with suitable and modern features that make both animals and owners safer and prevent injuries from over excited and sick "critters."

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