June 10, 2015

Commissioners decide fate of county treasurer office



Following a public hearing in late May, the Sheridan County Commissioners decided to listen to the people who spoke out both at the meeting and privately. The county treasurer’s elected position will not be eliminated.

Commissioner Chairman Howard Erdmann said the only option was to keep the treasurer and auditor offices separate. "The public has spoken."

Commissioner Mike Axt said that everyone who called him wanted to keep the treasurer’s position.

Commissioner Steve Eisenbeisz added that he had been called and asked why a poor county would want to eliminate a full time job.

County Auditor Shirley Murray said that she sees that it isn’t necessary to have the treasurer position full time. "We were trying to save money," she added.

Axt responded that people felt that if the county was going to be saving $40,000 it would be worth it. People indicated that having a full time county job was more important than saving a few thousand dollars.

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