March 15, 2017

Cookies bring felony, misdemeanor charges

Cookies given to unsuspecting individuals resulted in a Class B felony charge for willfully delivering the controlled substance marijuana. In addition, two Class B misdemeanors for possessing marijuana paraphernalia and willfully possessing the controlled substance of marijuana were charged.
The accused perpetrator was identified by Sheridan County Sheriff Trent Naser as Braham Patrick Nakla.
The offenses occurred at the Union Bar, where one of the witnesses, Katelyn Garbe, was working as bartender. After she was offered a cookie and urged to eat the entire cookie, she became ill after some time and had to leave work.
Another patron, Nathan Rhoads, had also ingested a whole cookie and was very ill, resulting in an ambulance call shortly after midnight on February 23. Rhoads and Garbe, who was called at home and told to get checked due to the situation, were tested for what had made them ill.
Other witnesses either ate a small amount or declined the cookie. Debra Rhoads ate a small bite of the cookie of which Nathan ate the remainder.  Dean Morley declined the cookie, as he doesn’t like peanut butter and also thought they smelled as though they had marijuana in them. Another witness, Cheryl Helm had taken a bite of the cookie and could taste the marijuana so she spit it out and left the rest of the cookie on the table.

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