September 28, 2016

Cougars plead "Don't rain on our parade"

The homecoming parade was sprinkled upon, and then poured upon, without dampening the spirits of the hundreds of children and adults lining the street. Nor did it bother the Cougar fans running alongside the class floats. The deluge might have soaked the interiors of the convertibles carrying the reigning kings and queens of the high schools from Turtle Lake/Mercer, and visiting schools McClusky and Underwood, but royalty held their umbrellas high, fighting the wind, while waving enthusiastically at the crowd.
The procession, led by the Turtle Lake Legionnaires of Post # 133 and first responders of the area, fire and ambulance men and women, kept most of their windows up to avoid getting wet. But,  through select open windows made the children lined up on the side of the street happy with thrown treats. As the students waited for the goodies, they shouted “Go Cougars” to the procession rolling by.

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