January 14, 2010

County Agent resigns Sheridan post

County Agent resigns Sheridan post
The progress of new construction and facilities at Hoffer Lake, improved structure around Ag events as well as new community events, including the NDSU-sponsored Annie’s Project, Sheridan County Spring Fling and winter Ag Forum, will lose their driving force with the resignation of Sheridan County Extension Agent Crystal Schaunaman.
Improved County 4-H days and a show for crafts were also added during her tenure, the 4-H building at Hoffer Lake was expanded to serve larger crowds and the arena was completed for livestock shows and other uses.
Schaunaman will re-locate to Ashley, near her home and the home of her husband, Scott, to become the County Agent for that area. She stated she is pleased with the idea of having grandparents and other family nearer for her children, Cora and Cutler.
Schaunaman’s last day is the 15th of January and the Commissioners were advised as to the procedures necessary to find a replacement and the options available to them this past Tuesday, Jan. 5, at their regular monthly meeting.
Schaunaman has also served as a mentor for other areas and had used the mentor program for herself in areas that she had less expertise in, she stated. This option, plus possible share or co-op arrangements with another county are also being considered.

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