October 16, 2008

County Commission addresses budget, tax and other items

By Allan Tinker

Money, budget and tax issues were the main focus items at the October Sheridan County Commission meeting on October 7. The properties that were forfeited to the county because of unpaid taxes were reviewed and minimum prices were set. Most full lots were valued at $1,000 or more. John Erdmann appeared before the commission regarding a small lot in Denhoff. He stated his father was interested in buying the lot but the $1,000 sale price was too high. He was told he could appear at the hearing the third Tuesday in November for the public auction on the lot. Erdmann was also advised that there had been no bidders for the 4-H building addition and that the bids would be re-let, in case he was interested in bidding for the work. He was provided a set of the specifications for the building. The West Central Human Service board position term held by Gordon Felchle expires Jan 1 of 2009. It is a two-year term. The Commissioners tabled the issue until November.


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