September 25, 2008

County directed to review apparently incorrect and excessive assessment

By Allan Tinker

In a copy of a staff report on issues reviewed before the 2008 State Board of Equalization, the recommendation by LuElla Dahme, Property Tax Specialist, was for the County to review residential assessments within the city of McClusky to ensure equalization for 2009. At the base of the recommendation was a request by O. D. Rhoads of McClusky for abatement on the assessed taxable value of an old house he purchased, repaired and uses for storage. He asked that the city correct the assessment, was denied, appealed to the county, was denied, and then filed a formal abatement request with the city. The city then tabled the request until after the state equalization meeting on August 12, at which Rhoads presented his request to the State Board of Equalization. The September meeting of that same board resulted in his request for assessment correction being affirmed.

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