November 27, 2008

Couple gives thanks for the chance to serve


Jane and Wil Meckle are enthusiastic volunteers to Honduras and have gone several times, this time as part of a team. They are both from McClusky and now live in Rochester, WA. They expressed their gratitude for the chance to serve the people of Honduras. Jane tells it in her own words. "Going to Honduras was not new to us but being part of this team certainly was. It gave us a wonderful opportunity to be part of a mission trip that helped in small ways to ease the hurt and suffering of these wonderful people who, as we all are, are blessed children of God." "These clinics are really something to experience. The medical side saw 523 people and the dental about 80. Dental is all extractions. They do not have time or equipment for fillings, etc.; they just get rid of the pain of broken, decayed teeth. From children on up some very young people were loosing permanent teeth mostly due to a poor diet and little or no dental care. It is something to behold. "Wil and I gave one lady some money one day to take her very sick little boy to the hospital. Medical care at the hospital is free but they have to get there and buy any needed medication. This is out of the reach of many of the very poor. It is sad but we are making a little progress with God’s help! "A little money is slipped into the hands of some of the very needy moms with kids for food." While serving in the Honduras, the accommodations are not like those back home. Meckle related, "I best get up to the bathroom and try to get a shower. Last night was the first with both warm water and it being on throughout the shower. The night before the water went out when I had shampoo in my hair so I had to get out and get a bottle of water from in our room to rinse, much like in a third-world country.

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