October 21, 2010

Courthouse site for state and congressional candidate views

Courthouse site for state and congressional candidate views
US Senator candidate Tracy Potter was at the public informational meeting shortly before the set 4 p.m. time on October 18, in time to hoist his banner welcoming visitors.
Potter gathered a crowd of about 12, which he said was a good showing on his tour of North Dakota County Courthouse steps presentations. He had learned that several of the courthouses do not have steps, among other novel information.
Attendance at his presentations had varied greatly, he said, with only a dog listening to half of his speech at one, though he gave the whole speech anyway, to 40 or so at another location.
“This has been a wonderful experience” he stated, of his visits to all the counties in the state. Thus far he has been to 42 of the 53. “I have saved the four largest cities for the end.” He noted that Bowbells, with the reputation for the fastest shrinking county, a current population of 200, had 30 people show up for his visit.

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