February 17, 2016

Dakota’s Daughter: book of history and love



The book Dakota’s Daughter, by Gladista Mancini, is hardcover and filled with many photos of the different eras in the life of Gladys Harrum. It is currently not available for sale but will be available for reference at the North Dakota Historical Center Library soon.

Also in the book is the historical commentary by Frank Mancini, Gladista’s husband. This adds a framework to the life in the country at the time pioneers and their descendants were developing the prairies and homesteads

The life in the book brings together two counties in the story, McLean and Sheridan, and the people from both that became friends and neighbors to settlers Abigail Helland Harrum and her husband L.H. Harrum, parents of Gladys.

It is a book that is destined for reference, for the coffee table for display, and for reading of the life of those who developed our country and set family values for future generations to follow.

This life, based firmly in the pioneers who settled central North Dakota counties and towns, is one of family, love, illness, struggles, adventure and history in the making.

It is a repeat of what readers will see happen still today, children who are raised in an area, leave the area for work or adventure, and later in life return to finish their days where their hearts belong.

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