October 23, 2013

Daycare current focus of McClusky JDA


With two new members on board, the McClusky JDA worked on the details for a local daycare. Andrea Kluck and Joey (Byron Jr) Belile are the new people on board as of the Oct 14 meeting.

The group has many things to learn: background check rules, fingerprinting procedures and who submits what to where; legal liability and insurance issues; applications for work and applications for child care services.

Ilean Gross is the chosen supervisor and is a longstanding child care provider within the McClusky community. Others who have provided day care have quit and with many new babies in the community and many working or wishing to work mothers, the need is there. JDA President Roberta Hunt recalled the number of women present at the early meetings of JDA’s effort to start the daycare.

With an opening date of the first Monday in November, the hard work for the JDA committee as well as other community volunteers will pay off. With structural and exterior problems and issues unknown at the current time, the work has centered in making the interior of the rented house in north McClusky suitable for the daycare operation. Code regulations for bathroom, play areas, rest areas, food and fire safety all have to be in place before they can open.

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