June 8, 2016

Denhoff, Goodrich Memorial Day Services

Weather was beautiful for Memorial Day for Denhoff and Goodrich Memorial Day Services with warm sunshine and a little breeze.

Denhoff Cemetery services started at 9:30 a.m. with Goodrich Color Guard processional;. a reading, Legionnaires rifle rite, and Ryan Mindt as bugler.

At Goodrich, the program started with an advance of colors by Goodrich American Legionnaires.

Goodrich students sang "Star Spangled Banner" along with the audience and accompanied by pianist Michele Mindt. There was a "Pledge to the Flag." Chaplain Myron Berg gave the invocation and Commander Kenneth Konschak the welcome.

Maria Steichen sang "Homeward Bound;" Shirley Faul read "Thanks to the American Warriors," and Goodrich students sang "Love My Country."

Karen Feickert, Goodrich Auxiliary Unit President, read "I Am the Nation."

Rebecca Feickert of New York was the guest speaker. The speech follows, edited for space.

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