March 12, 2014

Dining in the desert

English tea latest theme


In the land of little snow and many snowbirds, the residents, for however long, take time to find each other and renew old or make new friendships. One of the most popular things is eating together; then they discover fun things to do.

Joyce Moore sent information on the group of ladies in her quilting group that dine in the desert a couple of times during the snowbird season. They ride through the desert, dine with a theme, and enjoy not being in the snow.

The latest was an English Tea, with the women dressing up for the event. There were 20 or so ladies on the ride including a 92-year-old quilter who loves the desert. The ride was approximately 25 miles long and, because the flowers are blooming this time of year, it was a very pretty ride for all, said Moore.

In the accompanying photos, Moore mentions the ladies who are from the McClusky area as doesn’t know all of the other’s names.

Moore said, "Our snowbirds ride four-wheelers and side by sides as many days as possible in the winter. We meet for coffee in the morning and decide what to do for the day. The things we look for are local wildlife including mountain sheep, birds, turtles and deer. We enjoy the desert as it blooms in the spring, explore mines, and look for rocks. We enjoy the warmer weather."

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