Dodgeball entertaining but brief competition

Dodgeball entertaining but brief competition
The first open to the public Dodgeball tournament took place in the McClusky School gymnasium on Saturday, April 2, at 10 a.m. The rapid pace quickly took care of competitors and a halfway break and time to grab a snack was taken mid-morning.
The winners of the intense games with lots of fun thrown in were the Crimmins Team with players Cody Crimmins, Eric Crimmins, Lisa Myrice, Kaleb Sease, Taylor Deseth, and Benjamin . Second place went to CJ and The Drifters with Shannon Lauer, Jeremy Lauer, Ryan Dockter, Scott Spear, Ben Wagner and Case Dillon.
Third place dodger honors went to the Maniacs, with players Brandon Lauer, Erin Lauer, Teresa Naser, Kim Saueressig, Chad Rauser, and Curt Kurle
These teams all received trophies.
The following teams earned honorable mention for their participation and placed as follows:
Fourth place: Dog and Jog with players Travis Pfennig, Chris Tedford, Nadine Tedford, Melissa Tomac, Matt Kline
and Emily Kline

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