October 21, 2015

Drone attraction for Farm Bureau meeting

Drone owner and operator Joey Belile gave a presentation on drones at the Sheridan County Farm Bureau on Thursday evening, October 15, at the McClusky Elementary School. Belile showed a video of a farmer combining a field using drone.

Belile presented several items of information regarding drones. Farming

The first was how drones can benefit agriculture. They can do this by boosting yields and profits by optimizing fertilizer/seed/and chemical placement. A drone can map out that field telling where a farmer might need more or less of what they were thinking about putting in there.

The drone also keeps business data confidential: no cloud data transferring.

The drone can also highlight disease or other crop stresses and track it throughout the season.

Drones are also being used in certain areas to spot beetle and insect infestations that are unable to be detected from a fixed wing aircraft at high altitudes.

This all can be from a cost savings perspective; if a farmer can only trim back even just 10 percent of different nutrients and different chemicals, that’s massive cost savings to farmers.

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