June 14, 2017

Drumbeats mark return to McClusky

The Randy James Band will bring good music to the Midsummer Fest this year, a band popular in the central North Dakota area. The band recently played in Washburn for Riverboat Days and at Chester’s Tavern in Mercer.
The band’s drummer has a particular connection with the area. Tim Turnbull was born in Bismarck but lived on the Turnbull family farm until he was six. Turnbull noted that he spent “many summers working on the farm” after the family moved to Bismarck.
Turnbull was the son of Milton and Illa (Johnson) Turnbull and has two sisters, Tana Degman (deceased) and Deb Wright. His father’s McClusky family included Ladonna Etris, Seattle; Ellen Swendsen, Bismarck; Tom Turnbull deceased; and Cutty, who lives in Indiana.

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