June 21, 2012

Dry humor and a face for radio

Dry humor and a face for radio

Sometimes, you just get lucky. A bank is a good place to have this happen; even better when you need to write about the event.
Today, the new loan officer was waiting for his interview; his name is Bradley Jacobson. He says he is “all Norwegian” and can deliberately butcher up the English language by missing all the “th”s in nearly everything he says. Thirty seven and two thirds sounds rather like gunshots. Don’t say that in a bank, though. Just duck the “t”s.
He didn’t like the movie Fargo, he said. Gave him a headache, listening to the exaggerated accents of the crew of actors, save for a couple of non-locals. But, he can tell a good joke; has a dry sense of humor; and would like to find somewhere that has a good Reuben sandwich, because he needs something to go along with the strong coffee he makes.
So, he will adapt well, leaving a string of jokes behind him, or in front, with sighs from those around him, pretending to not be amused.
“Why didn’t the moon want to eat breakfast?” You can’t guess. “Because it was already full,” he straight-facedly informs. Groans are heard.
Jacobson farmed with one of his brothers, until his brother decided to quit, leaving work the family had shared until dad died. His mother Elaine, surviving father Elmer who died in April of 1986, now lives in a nursing home in Mayville.
There were five children total, with one dying in infancy. That left one sister and three brothers.

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