December 3, 2009

Dual duties fill work hours for local nurse

Dual duties fill work hours for local nurse
A degree from Wahpeton State School of Science as a Licensed Practical Nurse set Jolene Haux’ s path in motion for her current employment with Northland Community Health Center in Turtle Lake. As a nurse, she worked with Sue Wardner, NP, until Wardner moved to another office. Haux now helps with receptionist duties as well as her part-time nurse’s role at the clinic.
“You should have been a vet,” she smiles when telling of her co-worker Annette Rust’s evaluation of Haux’s love of animals. The many cats, two dogs, cattle and horses on the family farm in Sheridan County are all testament to this love of animals, easily shared with her love of people, especially family and patients. “Friendly and easy to get along with and a team player” would sum up Haux’s work attributes, though she said, with a grin, that some might not agree at times.
Haux would like to be remembered for her belief in Christian family values, as well as her job performance. She sees herself as a nurse for a long time.
“I enjoy my work at Northland. I enjoy the staff and talking and helping people. I like to talk, and enjoy using the phone,” she smiled, thinking of the many calls they receive every day at work. She started her work at Northland in June of 2005, and now handles patient records, filing, and filling in for Rust. “I do direct care as needed and to fill in for absences also,” she added.
Haux is the daughter of Jacob and Jean DeVries of Marion, ND, and has one brother Jonathan and two sisters, Jamie and Joy. They lived on the DeVries’ family farm and she was in 4-H from third grade through high school, earning grand championship awards for her hogs and gardening projects. She was also in music and choir in school and plays the piano.

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