October 8, 2014

Education minor fuels long and varied career


Sometimes, what turns out to be important has come from a secondary talent in personal lives. In the life of Roberta (Rose) Froehlich, her start in teaching came from her minor, home economics, not her major, political science.

The degree earned at Grand Forks at the University of North Dakota in 1977, came after she had earned a one-year secretarial certificate, complete with Gregg shorthand skills, Froehlich noted with a smile. She had originally intended to become a teacher.

She worked three years in the state legislature in her early work years, then she adds, "I was a home economist and demonstrated microwave ovens in 1978 for Modern Home Products in Bismarck and traveled around the state and to Minnesota.

"Then in 1979, I worked at the legislature again. I moved to McClusky in the summer and worked as a lifeguard.

"I married Barry Froehlich in fall of 1979." They had three children: Nick (Lucille) in 1984; Jordan in 1987; and Katelyn in 1989. She has two grandchildren and third expected in January. Barry is deceased.

Nick works for Duane Reiswig, formerly of McClusky, as Division Manager for CCB. Jordan is IR manager for RDO Truck Center in Fargo; Katelyn is a Graduate Search Assistant in Molecular Cellular Evolution Biology at the University of Utah.

"I did get to know many of the residents in McClusky because I worked at Grenz Super Valu for my brother-in- law Terry Grenz until I got my first teaching job in Anamoose as a home economics teacher in 1981.

"My first teaching
position in McClusky was also home economics. My position at both schools was because of my minor."

Her father Ed J. Rose had employed her first, after college. He was an attorney and mother Marilyn was a stay at home mom, raising five children.

She has two sisters, Sandra Oswald and Debra Akovenko and two brothers Mitchell and Michael.

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