December 30, 2010

Elementary Christmas Program

Elementary Christmas Program
McClusky Elementary Christmas concert on Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 21, at the elementary school.
Third and fourth grade recorder band played two selections “Jingle Bells,” and “Good King Wenceslas.”
Fifth and sixth grade band also played two selections “Santa Comes Marching In,” and “Countdown to Christmas.”
The older elementary students had a play entitled “ A Saint Nickelodeon Christmas” with kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade and fourth grade as choir.
Robin Erdmann is the music instructor.
The play had children’s TV shows called “Dora The Explorer,” “Blue’s Clues,” Muno and Friends,” and “Barney.”
The cast of the play are as follows: Alexiah Groskruetz, Dora The Explorer; Connor Jerkovich, Diego; Shelby Faul, Boots; Laura Bowers, Baby Jaguar; Stefon Scheurer, Steve; Kassidee Logsdon, Blue; Skylar Simes, Muno; Morgan Grade, Toodee; Mikayla Walker, Foofa; Kaley Sease, Plex; Lane Rhoads, Brobee; Lucas Rath, DJ Lance; and Tyler Jerkovich, Barney.

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