December 25, 2008

Elementary play "the best one yet"


The McClusky Elementary classes held their Christmas program on Dec. 9 in the Elementary Lunchroom. Their director was Mr. Robin Erdmann, and his guitar as accompaniment for many of the selections. The third and fourth grade recorder band opened the program with three selections: "Go Tell Aunt Rhoadie," "Lightly Row," and "Good King Wenceslas." The fifth and sixth grade band played, very well, "Deck the Halls" and "Snowflakes." The annual, ‘write it, direct it, and act in it,’ play by the fifth and sixth grade classes, was dubbed to be "the best one yet" by the audience members who have seen them all, so far. The students based their Christmas Scene Investigation (CSI) on the program of the same initials but different format on television. The blood and gore was missing, replaced with funny jokes, evil elves, two Santa’s and Horatio Caine, played to perfection, sunglasses and all, by Kody Faul. When the glasses went on, the theme music played and the curtains came down, more than once before the play ended.

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