October 25, 2017

Everyone goes home

The scene on the nippy fall day centered on men in heavy protective gear, moving among stacks of firefighting equipment, including a long trailer emitting heat, smoke, steam and water. It was a North Dakota Firefighters Association Class A structural burn training class for firefighters.
The day was Saturday, October 14 and instructors for the class were Joey Porter, West Fargo; Andy Beck, Mandan City Fire Department; Josh Dakken, Hebron; Jared Hopkins, Mandan City and Mandan Rural Fire Departments; Kellen Jorgenson, Mapleton-Harwood and Lidgerwood Fire Departments; and Bismarck Fire Department Captain Jeremy Francis.
Among the crowd on the corner of the Goodrich Fire Department building were students, instructors, support people and other volunteers busy with meal preparation, traffic control and keeping things operating.

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