December 6, 2017

Extension offices on hit list

Five counties less than 1,000 population
The public meeting on Tuesday, November 28 was called by concerned citizens, with local citizen Sandy Felchle leading as emcee for the program. Speakers represented at state, county and local levels, with many local citizens speaking out on the issue. There were many objections to the formula used of highly populated areas getting services so needed in the sparsely populated ones.
High on the questions number presented was asking what was called “efficiency” and if “effectiveness” doesn’t have a place in the equation on an equal basis.
The extension programs have long operated on a partnership between county and state, with a percentage of salary, office costs, fringe benefits and computer equipment costs.
The State Board of Agricultural Research and Education study will be presented to the legislature for a final decision in 2018.
Before that time, citizens can address the issues of the proposed changes directly to SBARE. Citizens can send letters to SBARE, NDSU Dept. 7520, PO Box 6050, Fargo, ND, 58108-6050. They may also email written testimony to

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