October 14, 2015

Fall Fling draws crowd at McClusky


The Sheridan County Fall Fling was held at the McClusky Community Center on Tuesday, October 6.

Nicole Wardner, Sheridan County Extension Agent, and Darci Gahner, Sheridan County SCD manager, hosted and gave welcomes. About 40 people attended the event.

Tom Kalb, NDSU Horticulturist, gave a presentation on "Autumn Joy." He spoke on fall vegetables and fruits, care for lawns, trees, advice on planting bulbs, and soil improvement.

Kalb also showed varieties of tulips and other fall bulbs.

Later on, he gave a presentation on "Landscaping for Winter Interest." He talked about taking interest in the beauty of winter landscaping.

He spoke on types of tree, ornamental grass, and berries that can be used as decoration in planters for winter.

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