October 18, 2012

Farm Bureau members gain Bakken perspectives

Farm Bureau members gain Bakken perspectives
The Sheridan County Farm Bureau held its annual meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 2 at the Goodrich School gym. They celebrated 50 years of serving the Sheridan County farmers and other residents.
Sheridan County President Kevin Bender hosted the event and conducted the meeting that followed the supper and entertainment.
Guest speaker was Tessa Sandstrom of the North Dakota Petroleum Council who presented the various aspects of the Bakken Oil area and the processes used in extracting the oil.
Sandstrom also commented on the length of the extraction process and its impact in North Dakota; estimated length of oil recovery is expected to be in the 15 to 20-year range. The visual demonstration showed the processes of drilling and injecting liquids to extract the oil from the shale.
Directors Kevin Bender’s and Randy Melom’s terms were up and
They chose to remain in office for another term. Troy Stein’s term was up and he declined to take another term.  Jason Smith volunteered to take the term of Troy Stein.  Motion made by Randy Melom and seconded by Delmar Reiser passed to accept Jason Smith on the Sheridan County Farm bureau board of directors. No new resolutions were brought to the floor.

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