June 10, 2010

Farm Rescue completes wheat seeding for local farmer

Farm Rescue completes wheat seeding for local farmer
“All the people are the nicest people; they treat you like family,” said William (Bill) Voegele. He was talking about the Farm Rescue crew that showed up to plant approximately 1,000 acres of wheat for him. “Before, I knew they were around but didn’t give it much thought. Now, they are a real life-saver. When I retire I would like to work for them.”
The occasion for the help arose when Voegele tore a tendon out of its moorings in his arm. “It was just a little three-day old calf that he was ear-tagging. I grabbed for him and he took off left. It jerked me and I felt a burning in my arm. I checked for bleeding and my bicep was bunched up under my sleeve,” Voegele said.
A late afternoon visit to the McClusky Clinic on that day, April 15, to Dr. Sarah Baker, who “sorta knew” what was wrong, was next. She referred him to a surgeon (Dr. Dahl) the next day, who said he needed a distal bicep repair.
Voegele put it off, “I needed to get some work done,” he smiles. He could use his arm, he said, and some people don’t ever have the injury fixed. “They then don’t have much strength in that arm though they can lift and move it okay,” said Voegele. “I couldn’t turn a bolt with that arm, but the other arm could easily.”

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