May 10, 2017

Farm Rescue doubles down on aid

For McClusky local farmer James Haux and small boy Levi Gartner, Farm Rescue was great for the spirit as well as spring planting.
Farm Rescue came to the aid of Haux twice in the last year, something that is not often seen. Last year, behind because of major heart surgery and its impact on farm work, Haux received help last fall from Farm Rescue volunteers Jake, Kim and Tom Saueressig. “They came and were done in one day,” said Haux. Jake drove the corn harvest machine, Kim kept up with any repairs needed and Tom drove truck.”
This year, after a diagnosis of cancer and the ensuing chemotherapy treatments, Haux again received help, this time with planting his wheat crop. As an  eight-year member of the Pea and Lentil Council for North Dakota, when the Council’s Secretary Mary Bartsch heard of his plight, she work with her brother-in-law Charlie Bartsch to get help from Farm Rescue again.

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