August 22, 2013

FEMA kickoff held in courthouse community room

FEMA kickoff held in courthouse community room

In the only room outside of the courtroom large enough for the meeting, FEMA officials gathered with local officials and organized township representatives to discuss the funding and its requirements for emergency and permanent repairs.
Individual assistance was not requested by the county, nor was Hazard Mitigation Grant Program funds.
FEMA Public Assistance Task Force Leader (TFL) Ronny Rohr registered attendees for the FEMA meeting and FEMA Public Assistance Crew Leader (PACL) Robert Koche chaired the discussion and answered questions.
Also present was FEMA Pro-ject M Specialist Diane Almestica and Special Project Assistance Manager Marlin Schneider, among others state, county and local. Local Emergency Manager Wayne Houston attended, as did all three Sheridan County Commissioners Eldon Ehrman, Howard Erdmann and Michael Axt, along with Auditor Shirley Murray.
Basic requirements for the road repair assistance are applicant eligibility; facilities are public use; sites under the responsibility of the applicant; and work is the responsibility of the applicant. Sheridan County had met all of these requirements and had completed a list of 20 sites that need either emergency or permanent repairs due to the water and snow storms and flooding emergency of this spring.

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