November 12, 2009

FFA enjoys large turnout for annual fundraiser

FFA enjoys large turnout for annual fundraiser
They poured through the door like syrup onto pancakes, those hungry people in search of some good food. They found it at the FFA Pancake and Sausage supper, where the attendance rolled past 100 and kept on going.
The workers for hire but working for free (formerly known as slaves) auction also raised some serious money, with more than $1,000 exchanged for help with chores or special projects. The money they bring ends up in the FFA cash drawer not for the worker, hence the term “slave labor.”
FFA Advisor Mike Axt brought in $120 under eager and earnest bidding and offered a chance for some lucky bidder to get chauffeured to one of the casinos or “even” as far as Hoffer Lake.
Auctioneer Merwyn Krein again did a splendid job of making everyone look their best and sell well, with prices ranging from $70 to $190 for single or group workers. The tag lines might have been old jokes, but they brought laughs anyway. Some guys weren’t afraid of the hard work possible, they just lie down next to it and fall asleep, the brochure stated.

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